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Non-toxic products. Non-toxic people. Non-toxic planet.
Recycle Your Skincare

We’re excited to introduce our beauty packaging collection program initiative to help our community repurpose hard-to-recycle packaging (from any beauty brand) with our partnership with Pact.

We’re closing the loop in the lifecycle of our products so you can recycle your packaging once you’ve savored every last drop.

Only 5% of what you put in your curbside recycling bin is actually being given new life like we're led to believe. Sadly, the majority of beauty product packaging still finds its way into landfills, oceans or becomes incinerated. Let’s change this shocking statistic and work together to restore the health of our planet through regenerative packaging solutions – and our partnership with Pact.

Recycled = Rewarded

Receive $10 off your next $20 purchase

To support Pact as a non-profit, customers contribute $5 for a send-back shipping label and we cover the cost of recycling fees. As a thank you from us, we’ll send you a discount code for $10 off your next purchase of $20+ so you can restock your fav products to support the health of your skin – and our home.

Here's how it works: Savor every drop. Send them off.

Step One

Rinse + Repeat

Finish product (and enjoy your glowing results!) then empty, rinse and completely clean the packaging - including lids, caps and pumps. Collect your empties until you have 5-10 from any beauty brand.

Step Two

Recycle Your Skincare

Per Pact’scollection guidelines, choose between local curbside recycling, drop in aPact bin near you or mail back 5-10 Pact-approved clean empties so materials can be reused or repurposed. Plus Pact offers full tracking + transparency into their recycling process.

Step Three

Box Them Up

Request and receive a $‌5 shipping label (with all the send-back details you’ll need). Pop 5-10 clean empties in a repurposed box and send them off – then shop your fav skincare with a $‌10 off code from us!

Our Packaging + Recyclability

Packing Material tissue paper & void fill    
Product Carton    
Primary Container glass bottles & jars, plastic tubes      
Primary Closure pumps, droppers, caps    
Plastic Material safety seals, plastic bags & wrappers      

Shipping Box

Packing Material

corrugated wrapping & void fill

Product Carton

Primary Container

glass bottles & jars, plastic tubes

Primary Closures

pumps, droppers, caps

Plastic Materials

safety seals, plastic bags & wrappers

From your well-being within, to the world in which you live.

Our passion at Primally Pure is to empower you to lead a non-toxic, low-impact lifestyle. We’re partnering with Pact, a non-profit collective, to help you do exactly that. From soil to skin – and back again. Our partnership with Pact means you can mail-back your hard-to-recycle tubes and glass bottles to be given new life – and even become new beauty packaging! Now that’s full circle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pact help drive change in the beauty industry?

Pact takes hard-to-recycle beauty packaging that would normally end up in a land-fill and mechanically breaks it down so that it can go back on the market to beauty packaging manufacturers. That way manufacturers can purchase PCR (post consumer recycled) plastic and use it again to make new containers. As consumers ask that companies use more PCR in their packaging, the demand will increase for this material. We can create a closed loop where beauty packing is being recycled and reused over and over again, reducing waste and toxic emissions from incinerating these materials. 

What if I don’t want to pay for shipping?

We understand that some customers would prefer not to pay to ship their items back. This is why we offer $10 off your next order of $20+ after your shipment has been dropped off! We recommend holding on to your empties until you have 5 or more, that way you are saving money and time (plus getting the most out of our offer)! 

Alternatively, you can also find a collection bin near you so that you can simply drop the items off for free. Pact is expanding their collection bin locations so if you don’t see one near you, please keep checking back! 

What else is Primally Pure doing to help drive change and improve the brand's environmental footprint? 

This year we have taken a comprehensive overview of our packaging to see where we can do better. Many of our products are bottled in glass, which is an endlessly recyclable material. The trouble is that amber glass is often not easily recycled by municipal recycling programs. However, we choose to use amber glass to help prevent oxidation of our products so that our customers can use fresh, clean products. Pact has offered to recycle this material for us which is a big win as we are working towards lessinging our environmental footprint! We have reviewed our deodorant tube packaging as well and have decided to move towards using PCR plastic. We have also reviewed our shipping materials to see what changes we can make to be more sustainable. Please keep an eye out this year for some of these exciting changes.