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Welcoming your little one to the world is full of deep joys, new discoveries, and decisions on how to best care for and nurture this new life.

The first few years of being a parent are filled with enough stresses/sacrifices (endless diaper changes, sleep interruptions, teething woes, etc.) and tending to baby’s hygiene + skin health doesn’t have to be one of them. Instead, it should be simple, fun and worry-free.

That's where our Baby Line comes in.

Baby Balm

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Baby Oil

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Baby Powder

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Baby Bar

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The Baby Kit

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The truth behind traditional baby products

While big-name baby brands pull on parents’ heartstrings through marketing and media, their products are often lacking the purity and healing properties that delicate bodies are in need of.

According to The Environmental Working Group (EWG), children are exposed to about 27 chemical ingredients on a daily basis that have never been assessed for safety. The study also determined that 80% of children’s products labeled as gentle and non-irritating contain ingredients linked to irritations and allergies.

Sadly, several conventional baby products have been discovered to include unsafe chemicals, carcinogens, allergens, irritants and other toxic ingredients. Knowing how harmful these are to our own personal health as adults, it’s crazy to comprehend that companies would allow these products to be made — specifically for the most delicate of skin.

Primally Pure Baby vs. Drugstore Baby

Nourishing + Non-Toxic Ingredients for Baby


This plant extract is a powerful skin soother and packed with antimicrobial + anti-inflammatory properties to calm delicate skin.


Easily absorbed by the skin, this antioxidant-rich oil delivers fatty acids + anti-inflammatory properties to lock in hydration and healing.


Loaded with precious vitamins + minerals so you can make sure your babe is getting the most benefit from their bath.


Organic botanicals like calendula, lavender and chamomile soothe the skin and help prevent irritation.

None of our baby products contain essential oils.

Why? While we LOVE essential oils for their incredible aromas and the powerful healing properties they possess, they aren't a one-size-fits-all approach for babies. EOs are highly concentrated (medicinal, even) and often aren't necessary for super young + healthy skin.

However, EOs can be incredibly helpful in certain situations and, when used properly, are perfectly safe to use on babies (although we do recommend consulting with a professional in regards to dilution, which oils to use, etc.).

Long story short, our Baby Oil makes an excellent carrier oil for those situations when using essential oils on your babe is a good option!

Multi-purpose products: It’s not just for babies or a growing belly.

Packed with vitamins + anti-inflammatory properties, our Baby Line has a long-standing list of benefits from beauty, baby, sensitive skin issues, and even eczema.

Baby Bar A gentle, foaming facial cleanser for sensitive skin.

Baby Oil A nourishing, effective eye makeup remover infused with herbs.

Baby Balm A vitamin-rich eye cream or sensitive skin moisturizer.

Baby Powder Keep pits dry and rash-free (plus doubles as dry shampoo if you’re in a pinch!).

Little ones soak in all of their surroundings - from silly faces, to sounds and especially ingredients in products. So it's important to use the utmost care with what you're using on their delicate, absorbent skin. Especially after becoming a mom, I was motivated to do something about it, at least in my own small way.

Out of love for my first sweet baby girl (and now I’m a mama to two!) and a new understanding of the importance of giving babies the best foundation for happy skin + overall health, Primally Pure Baby was born.

Motherhood is truly the most beautiful, messy, fulfilling and life-changing experience there is and we hope our baby products help provide a sense of ease and comfort that your precious babes are cared for with the purest products possible.

From the PP Community

“I bought this for myself!” -Stephanie
“Knowing that we’re using a product that’s safe for my spouse and I AND our toddler is incredibly comforting and reassuring.” -Kelly

The Pure Promise


We use nature's most precious elements and nothing more.


From small family farms to wildcrafted botanicals to ethically processed ingredients, we take sourcing seriously.


Handcrafted with love in sunny southern California.


If you're not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you your money back.