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Step aside, toxins.
Welcome To Your Hub For Holistic Skincare

Our passion at Primally Pure is to empower you to lead a non-toxic, low-impact lifestyle – from your skin, to your well-being within and the world in which we live.

We’re so thankful for your purchase and hope our natural products create positive change in your skin and become a catalyst for cleaner living. 

We are committed to joining you on this journey through handcrafting non-toxic + transformative products, creating resources that educate + empower and cultivating community that encourages + inspires. Simply scroll below to get started…

Natural Deodorant


1. Apply 1-2 light swipes per pit for all day odor protection (a little bit goes a long way!)

2. Shave at night + apply deodorant in the morning

3. Allow product to warm up to skin to reduce friction

4. Try dabbing instead of swiping to prevent irritation

5. Be sure to let deodorant absorb before getting dressed


Non-Toxic Skincare

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Step: 1
Cleansing Oil
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Step: 2
Serum icon
Step: 3


Savor every drop then save your empties to send-back through our Pact recycling program. 

“We aren’t just creating clean products because they’re trending right now, but because the removal of toxins is essential to health and healing.”  – Bethany McDaniel, Primally Pure Founder

Creating resources that educate + empower

It’s more than simply products, it’s a way of life.

Wellness Tool Tutorials | How-to’s from our Holistic Esthetician to help you get more results from your rituals.

Pure Life Blog | Your hub for all things holistic beauty and intentional living.

Quiz Experiences | Get matched with your pure-fect scent, skincare products, personalized routines and self-health practices.

Cultivating community that encourages + inspires

Connect with our clean living community.

Instagram | Hang out with us over on Instagram for daily wellness tips and skincare tutorials from our team + community. Post a pic and tag PP, we can’t wait to see!

TikTok | Binge-worthy posts from experts on natural beauty, biohacking, wellness and more.

Pinterest | Get inspired by our Pinterest boards and pin your non-toxic product picks + lifestyle inspo for later.