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We're so happy you stopped by to learn more about our influencer program. Here at Primally Pure, we handcraft 100% natural + non-toxic skincare products in our sunny Southern California workshop and would love for you to join us in spreading the word that real, recognizable ingredients really can provide lasting results - without sacrificing your health + well-being.

Program Outline + Perks

  • 60 Day cookie window
  • Evergreen codes (can be used more than once)
  • Tiered commission structure from 10% - 15%
  • Monthly posting requirements to remain an active affiliate
  • Minimum sales threshold to remain an active affiliate
  • Quarterly discounts for all affiliates
  • Early access to new products and sales
  • Personal contact with a committed PP team member to support your success

Who We Are

Our heart to holistically care for the skin + self with natural, non-toxic ingredients is the thread that weaves through our products, projects and partnerships. We strive to lead our lives in the same way we create our products: infused with integrity, simplicity and purity. We believe in daily baths and that beauty goes much deeper than simply skincare.

Who You Are

You are simplicity-focused and seek to support your health + well-being by choosing real, natural + non-toxic alternatives to conventional beauty products. Your commitment to living a healthy and natural lifestyle inspires others to follow in your footsteps. You cultivate authentic, meaningful relationships with your community and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Are we a good fit?