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Cool Citrus Breeze Home Collection

Brimming with fresh herbals and notes of bright citrus and flower blossoms, this blissful blend refreshes, uplifts and purifies your home and state of mind.

Welcome back the seasonal home blends you’ve come to love. Now available even longer with brand new names – and an anticipated addition to the collection.

Inspired by the aromas of a Southern California summer, fresh Bergamot, uplifting Tangerine, refreshing Spearmint, woodsy Sweet Marjoram, and floral Neroli boost the health of your home and brighten your mood.

Cool Citrus Breeze Essential Oil Blend

$ 54.00

Cool Citrus Breeze Hand Soap

$ 34.00 Sold Out

Cool Citrus Breeze Room Spray

$ 32.00 Sold Out

Cool Citrus Breeze Home Collection

$ 112.00 Sold Out

Cool Citrus Breeze Candle

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Limited-Edition Home Line Candles are here.

Clean-burning beeswax and organic essential oils infuse your space with purifying negative ions and uplifting non-toxic aromas.

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COOL CITRUS BREEZE (Previously loved as the Summer Home Line)
A blend of bright citrus notes and sweet-smelling botanicals will bring the endless Southern California summer straight to your home.

Oil Blend
From purifying the air to positively impacting your nervous system, make this a part of your daily wellness ritual.

Room Spray
Refresh every room in your home with cleansing properties that not only improve the health of your home but elevate your mood and alleviate stress. 

Hand Soap
Let the uplifting aroma and hydrating botanicals powerfully protect your health while promoting happiness and ease every time you wash your hands.

Beeswax Candle
Strike a match to infuse your space with negative ions and non-toxic aromas to boost the health of your home and brighten your mood.

The Hidden Dangers In Traditional Home Products

According to the EPA, the level of pollutants inside the home can be hundreds of times higher than outside – and the products you spray, pump and apply have a big part to play in that statistic. One easy and very powerful way to detoxify your home (and declutter at the same time!) is to swap the products you use in your home.

With so many endocrine-disrupting chemicals in conventional home products (think: air fresheners, artificially scented candles and skin-stripping hand soaps), it’s so important to toss toxic products and swap them for solutions that are safe for your whole family to support wellness at home.

Simplify the products in your home with our Cool Citrus Breeze Home Collection to cleanse your home, holistically. Detoxify indoor air with a few spritzes of the Room Spray, diffuse the Oil Blend to purify your space, cleanse your delicate skin with the Hand Soap and burn the Beeswax Candle to create all the fresh feels.

No matter where you are on your clean living journey, let this season be a little nudge to create a fresh start with the Cool Citrus Breeze Collection. Just by swapping one product in your home, you are beginning a positive ripple effect for your health, your family and your future.